8 Microsoft Shortcuts That You Need Right Now

Shortcuts in editing may be frowned upon, but when it comes to word processing, editing shortcuts are not only allowed, they’re essential. If you’re still fumbling around in the pull-down menus, fighting with features that won’t leave you alone, and wasting time on tasks that could be done with lightning speed, stop it right now!

Here are just a few shortcuts you can try:

  1. Toggle tracking on and off: Ctrl+Shift+E.

  2. Upper- or lowercase selected words: Shift+F3. Do it again. And again.

  3. Show/hide hard returns and space marks: Ctrl+Shift+8.

  4. Single-space the paragraph your cursor is in: Ctrl+1 (then, just for fun, Ctrl+A, then F4). Note: Ctrl+2 for double-spacing.

  5. Jump to your previous editing location: Alt+Ctrl+Z.

  6. Cursor by a paragraph or a word at a time: Ctrl + Arrow keys.

  7. Remove all hyperlinks in a document: Ctrl+A, then Ctrl+Shift+F9.

  8. Split/unsplit your screen: Alt+Ctrl+S.

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