How to Choose the Right Editor

It’s hard finding the right one to edit your manuscript. We know that you’ve worked for months or even years to get it to the point it is today, but that doesn’t mean it’s finished. A good editor will increase the appeal of your manuscript by making the story more clear and marketable. The process of finding the right editor may seem tedious, but it’s worth it. The rewards of working with the right person can be a best-selling book. Here are some questions to ask when you’re shopping around for the right editor.

1. Which publishers has the editor worked for? Are these publishers the type of publishers you want to attract?

Today, many editors work with self-publishers, but if you are looking to attract a major literary publishing house, work with an editor who has that experience.

2. Do they know what works in the publishing world? Formatting? Chicago Style?

Get an editor that knows what sells in your market. Review their past publications to see if they understand the nuances of publishing your particular style of book. For example, formatting and style for a comic book is much different than a fiction novel.

3. Are they an editor or a copyeditor?

An editor will address your creative content, writing style and language use. A copyeditor is more technical, they make sure your spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax is in accordance with industry standards.

4. How many authors does the editor work with in a given month?

Experienced editors usually won’t accept more than two or three books per month, depending on the length and type of edit. This gives editors the time to be thorough and thoughtful. An editing and ghostwriting agency will be able to handle more books in a month.

5. What’s the editor’s approximate quote? Does it compare with standard rates?

Honestly, it may be hard to find a professional editor who is on par with standard rates. The better the editor, the higher the cost.

6. Can you get a trial edit?

Most editors will be more than happy to show you their skills.