Make Your Writing Better Now

Life is better when we agree, whether it's in relationships, business or throughout our everyday lives. This is also true in the grammar world. When the subjects and verbs of a sentence disagree, even the most beautiful thoughts can quickly become choppy, uninteresting and unappealing to the reader.

When the subject and verb don't agree, the sentence is in melee mode – meaning it's a fight for the reader to get through. No one wants to sit and read through an argument. So, you as a writer, it is your job to bring peace into people's lives and get those subject and verbs to agree.



The most important part of writing is telling a story, and if the words don't connect, then it's impossible to do your job. There are many ways to make your writing better, but one of the quickest and most efficient ways to take your compositions from novice to pro is to rid yourself of subject-verb agreement errors. By correcting this mistake you can instantly make your writing more readable and enjoyable.