Terms & Conditions

For Students:

A+ Editing & Content Creation, further referred to as “The Company” is not responsible for any passing or failing grade. The Company provides the typed work and will not be responsible if client is found guilty of plagiarism or is given a failing grade. 

The price per project is as followed: 

Editing: The act of editing includes fixing grammatical errors, spelling errors, punctuation errors and problems with clarity and sentence structure. This service is offered at $10 per double spaced page.

Content Creation: This is the act of creating writing that aligns with a topic that the client has presented. The price for content creation begins at $15 per double spaced page, depending on the complexity of the topic. 

Additional Fees


A $40 finders fee will occur if the company has to find sources for the paper.

A $20 late fee will apply for those paper submitted with a deadline within seven days

There will be no refunds. A 50% deposit is required to get started, although an assignment can be paid in full. We also offer a subscription service, where the company will write four papers a month regardless of length for a price of $150 a month.